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Top 100 watchlist W/Dominique Williams

Updated: Jan 8

IM BACK. I know it been a while but I'm back on the road looking ( 👀 who's hot 🔥 ) over these past couple months I've been looking into other sports like Baseball, Basketball and Wrestling, volleyball. In Oklahoma its alot of talented people at all levels, ExposureU goal is to be a great platforms to be your one stop shop solution for marketing purposes. Offering tools an resources to help you grow your socials like Tiktok, Instagram and Twitter.


Stay up-to-date with me


Bryan Howard ‼️‼️



Send us your link to your Hudl accounts we are doing Scouting Report ALL ATHLETES WELCOME ‼️

* All footage is welcome if you don’t have a Hudl account email us #GetExposed #GetNoticed

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