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Who’s hot Watch list👀

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Exposure U is all about exposing student athletes and their raw talent from youth through High School in all sports. We post athletes from all over the world. Exposure is key and is just as important as dedication! When wanting to get posted be sure to fill out the form so we can have the proper information to reach back out to you. We would love to get you exposed and noticed. Remember, Exposure U members get all access and receive exclusive tools to help you grow your social media presence.


Who’s hot watch list

Photo By 1K Media

STOCK RISER Oklahoma 2023 6’5 Brandon Mann double-double in a win vs Bixby 12 pts vs Bixby 10 Reb vs Bixby 20pts vs Union 33pts vs Jenks attacks the basket and finishes displays athleticism difficult to defend Good on-ball defender


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