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Salvation Army Hosts 1st Annual Baller Mafia Tournament in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Updated: Apr 17

The stage is set, and the basketball courts are ready for the first annual Baller Mafia Tournament, hosted by the Salvation Army in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Taking place on April 20th, this exciting event is poised to showcase the skill, talent, and competitive spirit of six committed teams: 918 Hoops, Ak12, Tulsa Eliminators, Pinnacle Academy, 3TwoElite, and Team Takeover.


Bringing Community and Sports Together:

There's something special about the combination of sports and community events, and that is exactly what the Baller Mafia Tournament aims to achieve. Hosted by the Salvation Army and organized by Baller Mafia Events, this tournament seeks to unite sports enthusiasts, basketball enthusiasts, and the local Broken Arrow community for a day of fun, athleticism, and charity.

The Venue: Salvation Army in Broken Arrow

The Salvation Army, a well-known charitable organization, will proudly act as the tournament's host. This location, with its well-maintained basketball courts, spacious spectator areas, and amenities, offers an ideal backdrop for the tournament. Situated in the heart of Broken Arrow, the venue provides easy access for both participants and attendees, ensuring a seamless experience for all.

The Competing Teams:

Six talented teams have already eagerly committed to participating in the inaugural Baller Mafia Tournament. Let's take a closer look at each team and their unique strengths:

1. 918 Hoops: Known for their exceptional teamwork and strong fundamentals, 918 Hoops boasts a lineup of skillful players who are sure to make their mark on the court.

2. Ak12: With a focus on speed and agility, Ak12 combines quick playmaking skills and precise shooting to keep their opponents on their toes.

3. Tulsa Eliminators: A team known for their defensive prowess, the Tulsa Eliminators are sure to provide some tough competition with their tenacity and shot-blocking abilities.

4. Pinnacle Academy: Comprised of promising young talents, Pinnacle Academy is a team to watch out for. Their fresh energy and enthusiasm promise an exciting performance.

5. 3TwoElite: Known for their high-flying dunks and electrifying athleticism, 3TwoElite is sure to deliver some jaw-dropping plays that will have the crowd on their feet.

6. Team Takeover: With a combination of experienced players and rising stars, Team Takeover brings a balanced and versatile game to the court, keeping their opponents guessing.

Supporting a Worthy Cause:

While the tournament promises thrilling basketball action, it also serves a larger purpose. The Salvation Army is dedicated to serving individuals and families in need in the community, ranging from providing food and shelter to offering various support programs and services.

Join the Event:

If you're a lover of basketball or simply want to support a worthy cause, the Baller Mafia Tournament is the perfect event to attend.


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