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Meet Rising Star Quarterback, Boston Hamilton

Today, we have the pleasure of introducing you to a remarkable young quarterback who possesses incredible talent and a burning passion for the game of football. Boston Hamilton, a 7th grader from Claremore, Oklahoma, has been making waves in the football community since his early days in Kindergarten. Let's dive into his journey and hear about his aspirations, role models, and memorable moments.


Background and Inspiration:

Since a young age, Boston's love for football was ignited by watching his father play and being on the sidelines, surrounded by the excitement and camaraderie of the game. From that day forward, he knew that being a quarterback was his calling.

Team Experience:

Boston has been dedicated to the sport, with experience playing for the Broken Arrow K-6th team and currently representing Claremore in the quarterback position.

Role Models:

Inspired by the likes of Baker Mayfield, Joe Burrow, Mike Vick, and especially Steve Young because of their exceptional leadership skills, passion, and love for the game, Boston looks up to these quarterbacks for guidance and motivation.

Favorite Aspect of Playing Quarterback:

For Boston, nothing compares to the thrill of leading his team and delivering under pressure.

Preparation and Strategies:

When preparing for important games, Boston puts a lot of emphasis on film study. He meticulously analyzes opponents' tendencies and weaknesses to design effective strategies that enable his team to exploit those weaknesses.

Key Focus Areas:

Boston believes that having a quick release, making the right reads, and getting the ball out of his hand efficiently are crucial for success as a quarterback. He aims to improve these areas continually.

Handling Pressure:

Boston firmly believes that pressure is self-created, and he treats every pass, from warm-ups to the final play, with the same level of concentration and execution. Confidence in his abilities fuels his performance.

Goals and Aspirations:

With ambitious dreams, Boston strives to lead his school to a highly coveted State Championship and earn a scholarship along the way. Ultimately, he envisions a future in the NFL, showcasing his talent on the grandest stage.

Memorable Moment:

One of Boston's most memorable moments occurred during a game against Collinsville last season. With less than 2 minutes on the clock and his team down, he orchestrated an 88-yard drive, culminating in a touchdown pass to secure the victory. This remarkable play not only won the game but also clinched the conference title for his team.

You can follow Boston's journey on Instagram (@bostonhamilton_9) and Twitter (@bostonhamilton3), where he shares updates, highlights, and insights into his football career.


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