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New Rankings Class of 2031 Road To Top100

Updated: Feb 7

Welcome to the exciting world of youth football prospects! Join us on the exhilarating journey as we delve into the talents of the Class of 2031, tracking their progress on the challenging Road to Top 100 rankings. Get ready to witness the stars of tomorrow shine bright in the dynamic landscape of youth football."


You can download the list here

Copy of 2031 Top 50
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1.Rylan Palmer - RB Bixby Blue

2. John Whiteley - QB Fort Gibson

3.Sincere Reed - LB TYAA Blue

4.Rook McConnell - RB Choctaw

5.Caden Campbell - WR Bixby Blue

6.Tyson Carter - QB TYAA Red

7.Trent Gruenwald - OL Bixby Blue

8.Steven Walker III - RB Choctaw

9.AJ Hooks - RB Bixby Blue

10.Carmelo Gilliam - QB Jenks

11.Kingston Lovelace - LB Choctaw

12.Aiden Woodruff - QB Bixby Blue

13. Case Corbin - QB Choctaw

14.Hunter Chaney - DL Choctaw

15.Mylen Caines - DL TYAA Red

16.Makhy Harris - RB TYAA Red

17.Jackson Madden - QB Bixby White

18.Sawyer Bartlow - OL Choctaw

19.Milo Johnson -DL Berryhil

20.Dominique "DJ" Williams- QB BA Chrome

21.Jonathan Maxwell - QB Muskogee

22.William Morris - OL Bixby Red

23.Xion Glover - CB TYAA Blue

24.Jett Cashon - QB Skiatook

25.Mekhi Jones - RB Coweta Black

26. Cam Dryer - LB Union Silver

27.Dallas Reinke - QB Broken Arrow Black

28.Khort Smith - RB Jenks

29.Dhaking Love - LB TYAA Red

30.Noah Breedlove - RB Broken Arrow Gold

31.K’Brione Grayson - LB Muskogee

32.Tristen Dixon - LB TYAA Red

33.Kase Tarp - WR Lincoln Christian

34.Jody Crosby - TE/WR Bixby Blue

35. Jamarkko Jackson Jr. - RB Union Silver

36.Mason Johnson - CB TYAA Blue

37.X Maldonado - TE/WR Coweta Black

38.Jekobi Sisco- CB TYAA Blue

39.Drake Stewart - RB Bixby White

40.Natanii Toppah - OL Coweta Black

41.Brady Mann - WR Bixby Blue

42. Casen Onyirioha - DL Lincoln Christian

43.James Neely - QB Bixby Red

44. Levi Phillips - RB Rejoice

45.Wesley Brooks - OL Bixby Blue

46. Eli Littles - LB Broken Arrow Black

47.Jaxsen Jeffers - RB Bixby Red

48.Jet Teel - OL Choctaw

49. Ty Reynolds - OL Broken Arrow White

50.Boston Cox - QB Owasso Red

Rylan Palmer

John Whiteley

Sincere Reed

Rook McConnell

Caden Campbell

Notable Players

Cooper Davis- WR Owasso

Kolton Hamilton - DL Bixby Blue

Kayne Grayson - LB Muskogee

Matai Amani - RB Broken Arrow White

Cash Wolf - QB/WR Owasso Red

CJ Moore - CB TYAA Red

Casen Baucom - DL Bixby red

Jaxon Lisle - RB Broken Arrow White

Troy Culberson - WR Bixby Blue

TJ Davis - RB Bixby White

Ryan Butler - DL Broken Arrow Gold

Kobe Smith - RB Mcalester

Noah French - Jenks

Amier Pierce - OL TYAA Red

Kaden Square - QB Broken Arrow Gold

Chyler Brown - CB Union Silver

Nicholas Incremona- WR Bixby White


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