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"Game Recap: B1XBY Blue Dominates with a Resounding 53-0 Victory!"

🏈 Week 5 Game Recap 🏈

B1XBY Blue dominated the field against Jenks silver, scoring an impressive 53-0 victory. The team showcased their exceptional skills in various areas of the game in the passing game,

Aiden Woodruff displayed accuracy and efficiency, completing 7 out of 9 passes for 156 yards and 4 touchdowns.

The rushing attack was led by Rylan Palmer, who carried the ball 4 times for an outstanding 123 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Aj Hooks contributed with 3 carries for 99 yards and 1 touchdown, while Caden Campbell rushed for 55 yards and 1 touchdown in just 2 carries.

Aiden Woodruff also contributed to the ground game with 3 carries for 24 yards.

The receiving corps showed their talent as well.

Troy Culberson made 2 receptions for 77 yards and 1 touchdown. Caden Campbell added 3 receptions for 48 yards and 2 touchdowns. Rylan Palmer caught 1 pass for 30 yards and 1 touchdown, and Aj Hooks made 1 reception.

On the defensive side, the team displayed excellent tackling and playmaking skills.

Caden Campbell led the defense with 5 tackles and also recovered an onside kick.

Rylan Palmer contributed with 3 tackles, an interception, and a forced fumble, as well as recovering an onside kick.

Trent Gruenwald, Aiden Woodruff, Aj Hooks, Kolton Hamilton, Jody Crosby, Troy Culberson, and Bear Ontiveros also made valuable tackles throughout the game.

Congratulations to the B1XBY Blue team on their outstanding performance in Week 5! Keep up the great work! #B1XBYBlue #GameRecap #Victory


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