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Exposure U Who's Hot Watch List 2031

Updated: Feb 8

This list of student athletes are from the Class of 2031' and play in the INFC league based in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. This is one of the Top Youth conferences in the nation. Exposure University is blessed to be able to offer this list to our audience. As we've been watching and paying attention to all of them. Can't wait to see how this list grows. If you want to stay updated with what's going on, you can subscribe and become a member for exclusive content drops only seen by members.


Class of 2031

This list is not in any order we are just posting who is on our watchlist and who showed up and showed out!

If you're just now seeing this and want to get on our watchlist, we have our Oklahoma Youth Football Camp every year that players from all over the country come out and compete. Date and location TBA. Being a member gets you discounts on all camp series.

1.Rylan Palmer - RB Bixby Blue

2.Sincere Reed - LB TYAA Blue

3.John Whitely - QB Fort Gibson

4.Tyson Carter - QB TYAA Red

5.AJ Hooks - RB Bixby Blue

6.Carmelo Gilliam - QB Glenpool

7.Kingston Lovelace - LB Glenpool

8.Dominique "DJ" Williams- RB Victory Christian

9.Trent Gruenwald - OL Bixby Blue

10.Rook McConnell - RB Choctaw

11.Makhy Harris - RB TYAA Red

12.Caden Campbell - WR Bixby Blue

13.Mylen Caines - DL TYAA Red

14.Case Corbin - QB Choctaw

15.Sawyer Bartlow - OL Choctaw

16.Aiden Woodruff - QB Bixby Blue

17.Jonathan Maxwell Jr - QB Muskogee

18.William Morris - OL Bixby Red

19.Milo Johnson - DL Berryhill

20.Khort Smith - RB Glenpool

21.Noah Breedlove - RB Broken Arrow Gold

22.K’Brione Grayson - LB Muskogee

23.Hunter Chaney - DL Choctaw

24.Tristen Dixon - LB TYAA Red

25.Mekhi Jones - RB Cowetta Black

26.Jody Crosby - LB Bixby Blue

27.Christian Eccles - DL Broken Arrow Gold

28.Xion Glover - CB TYAA Blue

29.Dallas Reinke - QB Broken Arrow Gold

30.Cam Dryer - DL Union Silver

31.Brady Mann - WR Bixby Blue

32.Ty Reynolds - Broken Arrow White

33.Amier Pierce - OL TYAA Red

34.Cooper Davis- WR Owasso

35.Eli Littles - LB Broken Arrow Gold

36.Kayne Grayson - LB Muskogee

37.Mason Johnson - CB TYAA Blue

38.CJ Moore - CB TYAA Red

39.Casen Onyirioha - DL Lincoln Christian

40.Jackson Madden - QB Bixby White

41.Jaxon Lisle - RB Broken Arrow White

42.TJ Davis - LB TYAA Blue

43.Jaxon Bartman - OL Glenpool

44.Dhaking Love - DL TYAA Red

45.Natanii Toppah - OL Cowetta Black

46.Levi Phillips - RB Rejoice

47.James Neely - QB Bixby Red

48.Matai Amani - DL Broken Arrow White

49.Jet Teel - OL Choctaw

50.Ryan Butler - DL Broken Arrow Gold

51.Kobe Smith - RB Mcalester

This is our TOP 51, Class of 2031' who stood out to us this far.


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