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ExposureU Spotlight Joey Gaston

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Joey Gaston

Age: 16

class of 2025

grades: 93 average: made the honor roll a few times.

Current Team: Bergen Stars

While we were living in the Bronx, at the age of 7, he started playing football in a summer league for the Harlem Jets. His first position was a linebacker, but he didn't get much playing time; He was what they called an "MPR" player. Those are players who get no more than the minimum play requirement of 5 plays per game. Wanting to play more football, he signed up later on in the fall with a local team called The Bronx Knights. Coaches in the program saw something in Joey that not many others did. It was his combination of athleticism, discipline, and understanding of the game, so they decided to convert him into a Quarterback.

Ice spice little brother
Joey Gaston

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