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Exposure U Watchlist "Noah John Gawhega" Pawnee, Oklahoma

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Class of 2031, 9yrs old From Pawnee, Oklahoma home of the Black Bears and plenty of state titles Tri-Sport Athlete Football- Quarterback, Safety Baseball- Pitcher, 1st, 2nd, big hitter Basketball- Shooting Guard Been playing all sports since he was 5 yrs old

Attends sports trainings, camps, other leagues, and Teams. Can play up in age.

Attends OU, OSU, TU football/baseball camps.



Best QB in his league and top 3 in the 4 leagues in our area in his age group.

Our team plays and scrimmages bigger schools every year. He also has a pitching coach, a special QB coach that sends him workouts, both parents train him, plays all levels in all 3 sports. Great student 4.0 Catch him wearing #1 in all sports.

In Football, his throws are very accurate, his arm strength is catching up, he runs hard in the middle, every hole, every play, He is smart without the ball, his IQ is amazing for his age. He's a quiet leader, he lets his game do the talking and leading, he is a pro style but is a very hard runner and will put his shoulder in chests, he knows a very complex offense and isn't afraid of getting hit. He wants to make the play. He doesn't know what losing is in football. He can play Shotgun, Pistol, or under center. He is tall and lanky, and his doctor thinks he will be 6'2 or 6'3. His mechanics is beyond years. And showed me he can run an RPO already.. He makes teams better and loves competition. He's a tough kid with a good heart. He reminds me of Joe Burrow when he plays. Accurate, tough runner, and IQ.


1× Ironman League Runner-up

1x Co-MVP

2× undefeated Ironman League Champion

Tri-Sport Athlete

OU, OSU, TU football camp attendee.

ExposureU Battle of the QBs camp attendee

D1 9u All-American Oklahoma East Selected



In Baseball, averages a Homerun per game, can make double plays in the outfield. Placed 3rd in league play last year.


In basketball, plays up in ages, played on a SASA team, his jump-shot is the best in the league, highest scoring game- 12 point.



Jordan Rice- D1 All American Center, O-line( Also plays on travel teams)

James Shaw- D1 All American LB, DL, OL, Edge, Athlete.( started for Stillwater youth football before moving to Pawnee)

Simoen Exum- D1 All American RB, LB ( 2 Sport athlete, basketball leading scorer, played for Cleveland basketball)

11u Tylon Tefertiller- D1 All American Running back, LB, Athlete (4 sport athlete Football, Basketball, Wrestling, Bull riding) plays on 11u travel teams.

He has plenty more notable teammates in all sports cause Pawnee Youth Sports Programs have built and gained a lot of talent and the Directors and Coaches have built a fine-tuned program, best football program in our area, and other programs are known also, building these kids to be great athletes, people and moving them out of the developmental stages quickly. The whole community is excited to see these youth groups (8 to middle school) to move up to highschool. In the youth world in our area, We are known for our football program. We compete in every sport we make a team in. Good players play with and against good players and he shines in all levels.


Player To Watch

Follow them on twitter they had some good content to see why they are players to watch.


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