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Pinnacle Goes To Texas & Wins

First-Grade & Second-Grade Basketball Team Clinches Championship in Texas!"


In the heart of Tulsa Oklahoma, a group of young and determined athletes from the first-grade basketball team and second-grade recently accomplished something truly remarkable. With unwavering dedication, teamwork, and a passion for the game, these talented youngsters emerged as champions in their division. Join us as we celebrate the incredible journey of the victorious second & first-grade basketball team and their unforgettable championship triumph.

Player Spotlight

He's in first grade and will be graduating in 2034. He's been playing basketball since he was two years old, and has learned important lessons about teamwork. It doesn't matter how many points he scores, as long as he helps the team win and does what his dad has taught him - whether it's scoring, passing, rebounding, or leading the team. The Oklahoma-Texas comparison is there in terms of the speed of the game, but the team has been travelling since pre-k, so it's nothing new wherever they play.… social media: instagram roi Wallace Jr …TikTok my dads BigTay547 YouTube : Diante Wallace


2. Building Skills and Teamwork:

During countless hours of practice, the young athletes honed their basketball skills, learning the fundamentals of shooting, dribbling, passing, and teamwork. Their coaches instilled in them the importance of communication, trust, and supporting each other as a cohesive unit.

3. Overcoming Challenges:

Throughout the season, the team faced numerous challenges and obstacles. But with each setback, they grew stronger and more determined. They learned that success comes from perseverance, hard work, and a positive attitude. Every practice and game became an opportunity for growth and improvement.

4. Unstoppable Spirit:

The team's unwavering spirit and enthusiasm were evident in every game they played. From the moment they stepped onto the court, their dedication and love for the game shone brightly. Whether they were scoring baskets, making defensive plays, or cheering on their teammates, their passion was contagious.

5. The Thrilling Championship Game:

The pinnacle of their journey came in the championship game, where they faced a formidable opponent. The young athletes showcased their skills and demonstrated exceptional teamwork. With every pass, shot, and defensive play, they fought valiantly, leaving everything on the court.

6. Triumph and Celebration:

After a hard-fought battle, the final buzzer sounded, and the scoreboard displayed a well-deserved victory for the first-grade basketball team. Cheers of joy erupted from the players, coaches, and spectators alike. Tears of happiness mingled with smiles of accomplishment as they celebrated their championship win.


The story of the first-grade & second-grade basketball team's triumphant journey is a testament to the power of teamwork, resilience, and the pursuit of dreams. Through their dedication and unwavering spirit, these young athletes have not only become champions but have also learned invaluable life lessons that will stay with them forever. As they continue their basketball journeys, we can only imagine the incredible achievements that lie ahead for these talented individuals. Congratulations to the Pinnacle Prep Academys first-grade & second grade basketball team on their remarkable championship win in Texas!


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