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Luke Carney visit with Nebraska University Who's Hot 🔥

Could Luke be a Nebraska Cornhusker he was just spotted in they gear and he look good in red 👀🔥

Comment below and tell me what you think👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

Also follow him on Twitter @lukecarneyQB

Quick facts-


Luke has very good size for a 2025 Dual Threat QB at 6'2" 185 lbs. He shows good vision downfield as he’s able to create space for himself opening up additional passing lanes for himself.


His throws are in-line with his receivers, adding a tight spiral upon release. Shows good timing and ball placement as he leads his receivers in stride.Very consistent delivery, adding to his accuracy.


Displays throws that are made with good velocity at the short and intermediate range. Able to extend the field with throws made over defensive coverage. Tight trajectory on his throws made at long range.


Luke's throws with an over the top delivery made with a fully extended arm motion. He’s able to generate momentum all the way through his delivery. Solid footwork prior to set up.


Shows good footwork and mobility as he gets to the outside. Good vision downfield as he squares his body up with his intended target.


An athletic QB who demonstrates good speed and quickness out in the open field. Quick bursts of speed with a quick first step.


Luke wastes very little time getting the ball off. He's a quick thinking QB who can pick apart a defense. Very focused while being pressured, following the play through from beginning to end.


Good agility and movement in and around the pocket. Able to maintain his focus while working his way through traffic.


Much improved with the ability to pick up on his initial reads of the defense. Decisive throws that get to his receivers in a hurry.


He does a nice job taking something off the ball, adding a softer release. Solid long range game, with throws made with tight trajectory.


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