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📣 Game Recap: B.A. Tigers Chrome (3rd Girls) Dominate 3rd Grade in 8-0 Victory!

B.A. Tigers Chrome (3rd Girls) showcased their skills and emerged victorious in an impressive 8-0 win against 3rd Grade on Saturday. The game, held at 2000 S Cherokee St, Catoosa, OK 74015, saw B.A. Tigers Chrome (3rd Girls) take control from the beginning and never relinquish their lead.

Right from the tip-off, B.A. Tigers Chrome (3rd Girls) went on an electrifying 8-point run, setting the tone for the game. They continued their strong performance throughout, heading into halftime with a commanding 6-0 lead.

The first quarter was particularly dominant for B.A. Tigers Chrome (3rd Girls), as they outscored 3rd Grade 6-0. Their relentless spirit and teamwork were on full display.

Devyn W led the scoring charge for B.A. Tigers Chrome (3rd Girls), contributing an impressive four points. Avice B and Vivian L also made valuable contributions, each scoring two points to help secure the victory.

Congratulations to B.A. Tigers Chrome (3rd Girls) on their remarkable win! 🏀🎉 #BasketballVictory #Teamwork #BAGirlsChrome

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