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C/o 2026 Dallas Dyer - Get To Know Him

Dallas has been a player to watch in the green country area. RB and Linebacker from Broken Arrow his stock has been rising picking up attention from colleges around the area. His Goal is to play for Oklahoma University or Tulsa University.

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Get To Know Dallas Dyer

What made you play football?

  • My dad talked me into playing flag football and i just fell in love with the game.

Who is your biggest mentor?

  • That’s hard because i look at different attributes in different, like my grandpa and his creativity, my mom her drive, and my dad his character.

Your dream school you would like to attend?

  • My dream school to play at would be Oklahoma or Tulsa University

Who are some players you look up to and why?

  • Marshawn Lynch, i love the way he runs and that’s something i am going to be able to do when i’m in the league

How do you handle pressure on the field?

  • I toon it all out, when i’m playing its just me, that’s all i see and think, me vs. me

Greatest achievement as an athlete?

  • My greatest achievement as an athlete is hard to say really and i think it’s something you're never really gonna hear but i think it’s my ability to adapt and change the way i play to better myself against a good team.

How do you handle adversity?

  • Handling adversity is easy really and the way i see it is if you don’t have haters, then your not good enough, there should always be someone trying to put you down and i just embrace it and prove them wrong.

How long have you been playing football?

  • 11 year currently going on to 12 for football

How has being a athlete made you a better person on and off the field?

  • I think being an athlete teaches you a lot of things like handling stress and working with others.

If you could play another sport what would you play?

  • If i could be playing another sport i would go back to playing baseball again


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