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Brennan Cannon C/O 2028 Who's Hot 🔥 🔥 from HighPoint, NC

ExposureU who's hot 🔥 list is steady rising highlighting some of today top athletes in their area. Meet Cannon his film speaks for itself, adding him to our class of 2028 watch list



Been busy Networking and building relationships for my Okla7 passing league. I’ll be starting with the Youth level. Flag 7v7 will start from 5y-7y modified 7v7 will be 8y and traditional 7v7 will be 9y-18yo and BIG MAN (linemen) will be from 8y to rising 8th graders. All information will be posted online and if you want to be apart of this league please email ExposureU at

* Goal is to create and established Fundamentals and make sure they can compete at a high level this will be open for Rec & School ball.


Who's Hot 🔥

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