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1st-Grader Damonie Holloway: A Budding Basketball Star

Updated: Feb 7

At the tender age of 7, Damonie Holloway has already found his calling on the basketball court. Despite being a 1st-grader, he's been playing the sport for three years, showing a commitment that belies his young age.

For Damonie, nothing beats the excitement of a well-earned win with his teammates. He thrives on the camaraderie and the shared joy of victory. His favorite part of practice is "King of the Court," a drill that not only hones his skills but also ignites his competitive fire.

A young fan of the Boston Celtics, Damonie looks up to Jayson Tatum as a player who embodies excellence on the court. Damonie's choice in team is no coincidence; it's where his idol plays, and he dreams of emulating Tatum's sharpshooting skills.

Damonie's dedication to basketball is unwavering. He lives by the motto "every day ball is life," which reflects his daily commitment to the game he loves. This determination is what drives him to consistently improve, especially in shooting, which he has pinpointed as a key skill to develop.

Music plays a central role in Damonie's pre-game routine, pumping him up and getting him game-ready. While he doesn't have a specific ritual, the energy from his favorite music is all he needs to get into the competitive mindset.

The highlight of Damonie's young basketball career was winning a championship—an experience that was both exhilarating and motivating. On the court, his signature move is the double crossover, a testament to his agility and skill.

Celebrations are important for Damonie and his team. Whether it's laser tag, enjoying pizza, or having sleepovers, it's clear that for this young athlete, the team spirit extends well beyond the court.

Damonie Holloway may just be at the start of his basketball journey, but with his passion, teamwork, and the sheer joy he brings to the game, he's a young player to watch. This 1st-grade guard is already dribbling his way to an exciting future in basketball.

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