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Exposure U OFF-Season Gridion Classic Tournament

By Exposure University, 11/21/19, 2:15PM CST


Calling alll 7v7 Teams Whos Hot!!

  1.  40 yards in length – 40, 25 & 10 are the first down lines
  2.  Between 145’ - 160’ in width
  3.  10 yards deep in End Zone
  4.  Field hash marks are of high school dimensions



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Gridiron Classics "OFF-seaon" Elite  Classics Invitational is rising to be the most competitive 1-day event in the Midwest. Since its inception, OFF-season Powerd By Exposure U

Compete against the very best and the most talented players Gridiron Classics "OFF-seaon" Elite Edition

This event will be broadcasted LIVE and streamed online via ExposureUsports  Network 


4 Playing Fields (Turf/Grass)

Full Concessions

Restroom Accessibility

2 Certified IHSAA Referees per game\ 3 Officials In Championship Game

1 Certified Director of Officials

1 Field Manager per game

Gym/Locker Room/Cafeteria Accessibility in case of Severe Weather


Certified Athletic Trainers

Uniformed Officers On-site


A pool play schedule will be determined after the registration deadline passes, and will be distributed to the coaches/team managers upon completion via Tourney Machine.

15u Junior High 12u

Checkin 8:00am Pool Play 10:00am


Checkin 8:00 Pool Play 10:00am




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Whats Going On?

Exposure Is Key And It's Start With The Youth.

The Audition Showcase Presented By : Oklahoma City Impact

By @Coachwillexpo 07/03/2020, 2:00pm CDT

Calling ALL 6u-12u To Come Represent

Come watch some great football and support your team! 

Calling ALL 6u-12u  exposure is key don't go unnoticed!

Meet Alex Reynolds- "Youth Exposure Spotlight"

By ExposureU 05/10/2019, 5:45pm CDT

"To be the best student, athlete, family member and community leader I can be!"

Alex Reynolds is an Arkansas native and he plays an array of positions. Reynolds is not just a force on the football field, but he has displayed his leadership off the field as well. Reynolds states, "After visiting with the school nurse, I realized there was a need to assist students whose family couldn’t afford basic hygiene supplies without embarrassing them. I developed a non-profit group to help collect hygiene supplies to allow them to be given to the school nurse so that she can distribute them in a discrete manner."

To date, Alex has been able to package and distribute 700 kits to needy kids, along with 100 local disaster victims.  He was also able to replenish Elkins Elementary and Primary’s 120 emergency backpacks with supplies in 2016. Thereafter, he was privileged to  partner with Vantage Behavioral Health and Springwoods Behavioral Health in 2017, to provide hygiene supplies to children.  He was able to partner with 7 Hills to provide over 50 hygiene kits to the homeless in NWA.
Alex Reynolds Accolades are as follows:

  • *2017, 2018 Selected to attend the Junior National Leaders Conference

*2018 Helped His 7th Grade Hellstern Middle School football team win the “Best Overall Record” for Northwest Arkansas as an Offensive and Defensive Lineman

*2018 Helped his team win the 7th Grade New Orleans Bowl as an Offensive and Defensive Lineman

*2018 Selected to attend the New Orleans Bowl and play on the 7th-grade team

*2018 one of only two Arkansas 7th grade football players selected to play in the AP All American Bowl 

*2018 one of 50 nationwide 7th graders selected to participate in the East vs. West Football Tournament in Vegas

Alex says, "I just want to be the best student, athlete, family member, and community leader I can be!"

You can check out his HIGHLIGHT Tape HERE!!


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Exposure Is Key And It's Start With The Youth.

The Audition Showcase Presented By : Oklahoma City Impact

By @Coachwillexpo 07/03/2020, 2:00pm CDT

Calling ALL 6u-12u To Come Represent

Come watch some great football and support your team! 

Calling ALL 6u-12u  exposure is key don't go unnoticed!

Exposure U Scouting Reports Grabbing National Attention!!

By @Coachwillexpo 05/22/2020, 7:45pm CDT

Rising stars whos on the watch list and whos hot!

New Player Scouting Reports 

How to Get Recruited: Starting the Recruiting Process

By Exposure University 03/09/2020, 2:00pm CDT

Getting recruited is rarely a fairytale story

It doesn’t just happen to you. The recruiting process is a complex, winding journey that is directed largely by the student-athlete. The more you know about the recruiting process—and the more effort you put into getting the results you want—the better chance you have to fulfill your dream of competing at the college level. The good news is that many have gone through this complicated process before you, and there are many resources available to make it less overwhelming.

2030 RB Julius Ali-Tims Make Exposure U Youth Spotlight & Added to Whos Hot List

By Exposure University : @Coachwillexpo 02/27/2020, 8:15am CST

It's start Now Julius Ali-Tims Exposure U Spotlight

Exclusive Interview we ask Julius Ali-Tims a couple of question 

So you can get to know him on/off the field.

Whos Hot Watch List

Every serious high school athlete has a similar dream for the next step of their athletic lives—to get recruited and play their sport of choice in college. If things go especially well, they'll even earn some kind of scholarship.

But sometimes it's not this simple.

Whether it was a lack of exposure, a badly timed injury, or a combination of countless potential factors, the student-athlete isn't getting recruited in the way they were hoping. The best-case scenario doesn't always happen—even if everything possible is done to set up the student-athlete for future success. So if this happens, what options are available for a soon-to-be college student to keep the sport they love in their lives for another four years?