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Get to Know Xzavier Thompson

By Dominique Williams , 08/10/19, 9:45AM CDT


Xzavier Thompson Hybrid athlete

Exposure U Spotlight

It was a pleasure talking with Xzavier Thompson a Athlete who plays for Impact Football, Powerhouse Youth Sports Group out of Oklahoma City about his love and passion for football. He is a humble and motivated individual who is all about community and that is one thing Exposure University stands on. He is willing to help all of his teammates achieve their goal on the field and off the field. he is the ultimate #AthleteshelpingAthletes advocate. Thank you for your time and passion!

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Get to know Mr. Thompson

(ExposureU) What's some fun activities you like to do when your not playing sports? 


I like to play my game that when I get to relax and chill I like to play madden I'm online alot giving out L's. 

 (ExposureU) Is Football your favorite sport 



(ExposureU) What's some goals you want to accomplish this season?


I want to win our little league championship this year, make good grades, and pass to the 8th grade.

(ExposureU) Favorite game consoles Xbox or Ps4? (Games as well) 


Xbox : Madden, 2k19 you don't want these problems. I'M GOOD

(ExposureU) What was your most favorite game or a game you will remember for the time being. 


My favorite game was against one of our rival teams because their really our only competition in the city.

(ExposureU) Your position now and what do you want to play when you get in High school? 


I play all positions right now but mostly RB and WR. I want to play WR or QB in high school too and college.

 (ExposureU) Anyone you want to shout out. 


Want to shout out my Impact family, my daddy, and my momma. I have a great support system 

(ExposureU) When you go to college have you thought about a major or would you want to do a trade. 

(Thompson )

I haven’t thought about a major yet but if football doesn’t work I would probably be some type of entrepreneur you know so I can be my own boss. 

(ExposureU) How did you hear about us at ExposureU? 


My momma found it on Facebook! 


(ExposureU) If you had to meet with the mayor in your community what's some stuff you would bring up to help you in your community.


I’ve never really thought about it but I would make my neighborhood more kid friendly and make speed limits on the back streets because the cars speed down our street all the time.

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