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Daxxton “DayDay” Phanphengdee Has Goals To Reach This Year!

By Dominique Williams , 07/14/19, 1:45PM CDT


Get to know Daxxton “DayDay” Phanphengdee

Exposure U Spotlight

It was a pleasure talking with Daxxton a current Corner Back at Hale Stern Middle School in Spring Dale Arkansas about his love and passion for football. He is a humble and motivated individual who is all about community and that is one thing Exposure University stands on. He is willing to help all of his teammates achieve their goal on the field and off the field. he is the ultimate #AthleteshelpingAthletes advocate. Thank you for your time and passion!


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Meet Daxxton “DayDay” Phanphengdee

 ( Dominique Williams ) What's some fun activities you like to do when your not playing sports? 

( Daxxton ) I like to play videos games, jump on the trampoline, hang out with my friends, and travel with my family.

( Dominique Williams) Is Football your favorite sport?

(Daxxton ) Yes! I eat, sleep, and breathe football!

(Dominique WIlliams) What're some goals you want to accomplish this season?

(Daxxton)I want to become to best DB I can be. 

I want to make some pick 6s. 

I want to help my team succeed and make it to the championship!

(Dominique WIlliams) Favorite game consoles Xbox or Ps4? (Games as well) 

(Daxxton) Xbox Madden 19, FortNite, and NBA Live.!

(Dominique Williams) What was your most favorite game or a game you will remember for the time being? 

(Daxxton)When the 11U Steelers played 12U Bulldogs. That was the most fun I’ve had playing. I played against some of my best friends in and out of the league.

(Dominique Williams)Your position now and what do you want to play when you get in High school? 

(Daxxton)I’m currently a cornerback and wide receiver. When I get to high school, I’d like to play a little more running-back but I’d like to continue as a corner and wide receiver! 

(Dominique Williams) Anyone you want to shout out. 

(Daxxton)Coach Matt Marascio thanks for pushing me to improve my game. He’s always seen greatness in me. Coach Ben Williams for always giving me opportunities to learn new positions and also for being a big supporter. 

Coach Shawn Gauthier for taking me in and showing me what a football family is all about.

My dad and sisters for ALWAYS having my back no matter what. Thank you for always pushing me and guiding me. 

My mom is my glue. She’s my number 1 fan! Love you mom!

Thank you ALL for being my biggest supporters! 

(Dominique Williams)When you go to college have you thought about a major or would you want to do a trade. 

(Daxxton)I love sports so much I’d really like to be a sportscaster. My Clapbacks are hilarious!

(Dominique Williams) How did you hear about us at ExposureU? 

(Daxxton) My mom showed me who you guys were. Haha!

(Dominique Williams) If you had to meet with the mayor in your community what's some stuff you would bring up to help you in your community.

(Daxxton) I think we should have a community garden. To help feed those who are in need. Sort of like a non-judgment zone for those in need. Even though it may not help me personally, it would help someone who might be a friend to me who may be in need


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Phone: 9186330307

Get Evaluated

Athletes should bring:

  • Shorts, Sweat Pants, Compression Tights etc (as preferred by athlete)

  • Cleats (Grass/Sport Turf)

  • Sneakers/Running Shoes

  • Mouthpiece 

  • Gloves

  • Any additional protective/supportive Braces or Wraps

  • Water/Sports Drinks (available for purchase at some events)

  • Energy Bars/Fruit etc.



Athletes/Parents should also be prepared for:

  • Post event Media Interviews

  • Post event promotional pictures

  • Recruiting Information from NCSA

  • Educational Materials

Remember ExposureU Camp Series is Non-Contact Events, Football Pads and Helmets are NOT used



Phase 1: COMBINE TESTING By Skill Shark Evaluation 




Players will learn much more than just football, they will be taught teamwork, self discipline, consideration of others and how to attain their potential on the field and in life. This is a great opportunity to improve your skills and get recruited at the same time.

Our goal is to give each player the finest football instruction available and a program they will never forget.

-Athletes of all skill levels welcome.
-Athletes will learn position-specific skills necessary to become great players.
-Athletes will learn ways to improve their speed, agility, and power.
-Learn the importance of playing with a positive attitude, discipline, and pride.
-Learn from an intelligent, and talented group of coaches.
-No helmets or pads are needed. Campers only need to bring their own cleats, workout clothes and water.


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