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Meet Deneko Reynolds "Youth Exposure Spot Light"

By ExposureU , 04/17/19, 7:00PM CDT


11 Year Old Deneko Reynolds- Running back and Notorious Middle Linebacker

At 11 years old, Deneko Reynolds is a Running Back and notorious Middle Linebacker. He has played all across the country and has proven that he is a hard nose hitter. Reynolds is from Tulsa, OK and his graduating class is 2026. A student at Kipp Tulsa College Preparatory School, in the spring  he plays for The Oklahoma All-Stars, coached by Kevin Reynolds,  but his home team is the Crossover Lions, coached by Daniel Jones.

"We understand that being an athlete is a privilege but education is a journey that each and every youth must embark on." - Dominique Williams (ExposureU Football Director)

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